Alegró comes from the Spanish word Alegría, which means joy and happiness. This is what Ron Alegró is all about: enjoying the moment while you are sharing a good glass of rum.

Ron Alegró Rums are produced in the beautiful country of The Dominican Republic. After distillation from sugarcane, the rum has matured for several years in American white

oak casks (ex Bourbon).

This ageing process in the tropical climate of The Dominican Republic has resulted in a beautiful and soft rums, with pleasant hints of vanilla, charred wood and tobacco.

Please drink our rums how you like it best - either straight or

in your favourite mix.

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Rum is part of the heart and soul of the Dominican Republic

Rum is part of the heart and soul of the Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola in The Caribbean, which it shares with Haïti. The country is well known for its happy people, floral nature and warm climate. 

Sugar production started centuries ago, after Columbus brought sugar cane sprouts from the Canary Islands to the Dominican Republic on his second voyage in 1493. Not long thereafter, rum production started in the country, although on a small scale.  The professional rum industry started around the mid-19th century.

Nowadays, rums from The Dominican Republic are enjoyed all over the world. The country is especially famous for its soft aged rums, which are a result of the long ageing processes in the

tropical Caribbean climate.



In general, rum can be divided into three different styles:

- French Style Rum (from islands like Martinique and Guadeloupe)

- British Style Rum (from islands like Jamaica and Barbados)

- Latin Style Rum (from islands like Cuba and The Dominican Republic)

Latin Style Rums are produced in the Spanish speaking rum countries, like Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Ron Alegró are very typical Latin Style Rum, which can described as a gentle rum, produced in a column still, with pleasant hints of vanilla, charred oak and tobacco. 


The Latin Style Rum category is the largest category globally. Every day, millions of people worldwide are enjoying Latin Style Rums straight, or in their favourite cocktails, like the

famous Daiquiri or Mojito. 



Countries like Cuba, Nicaragua and The Dominican Republic are not only amongst the best rum producing countries, but they also produce the best cigars in the world. 

For many people, Cuba has the reputation to be the original premium cigar maker, but tobacco for cigars was first cultivated in the Dominican Republic, where cigar production started centuries ago. And due to the embargo on Cuban products in the United States after the communist revolution in 1959, many of the best cigar makers fled Cuba... to the Dominican Republic.


Premium Dominican rums go very well with a good cigar. Especially rums like Ron Alegró XO, which have spent many years in wooden casks in the tropical climate of the Caribbean. 

The gentle hints of vanilla in the rum, combined with the smoky tobacco flavors of a premium cigar, are a guarantee for an enjoyable moment